National Association of Student Councils

Established in 1931, the National Association of Student Councils (NASC) is the leading organization for excellence in middle level and high school student councils. NASC provides student councils and their advisers with the knowledge, skills, and resources that students need to become active, engaged leaders in their schools and communities. LEARN MORE

Student Leadership

The National Association of Secondary School Principals has supported the development of outstanding student leaders through its NASC and Honor Society programs since 1921.


Talking Boxes

We felt it was important for the entire student body to have a voice in what would improve school spirit, increase the pride in our school community and make our school a more inviting place for kids to come.  To that end, we started "Talking Boxes" which are suggestions boxes placed in strateg... READ MORE

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Phoenix Matters

In its first year, the NJHS chapter at Imagine Cortez Park decided to make sure that each of its members and the community was shown that it mattered. Our Phoenix Matters project had the ICP NJHS chapter painting graffiti in the neighborhood, cleaning up trash covering a one mile radius of the schoo... READ MORE

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First Day Teacher/Staff Appreciation Pot Luck Breakfast

Our student council traditionally serves the staff a huge breakfast on the first day of school and the first day of the second semester.  Each class is asked bring in a separate item.  Freshmen-Main dishes, eggs, casseroles. bacon.  Sophomores- bread products, pastries, bagels.  ... READ MORE

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Yule Ball Spirit Week, Rally, and Dance

A week prior to our annual Winter Formal dance, our ASB organized a Harry Potter themed spirit week. This week was particularly inclusive and simple, as it aimed to engage the students. Monday was ‘Robe Day’, where students wore robes to mimic the iconic wizardry fashion. Tuesday was &ls... READ MORE

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Armed with muscle power, plastic gloves, baggies, putty knives, and scrapers, our intrepid NJHS members overturned desks and tables in the eighth grade wing and scraped seven pounds of gum from the bottom of the furniture.  Gross as it was, the students had a great time laughing and exclaiming ... READ MORE

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