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Each year, middle level and high school student councils dedicate numerous hours to school and community service projects. 

The National Student Project Database supports these efforts by providing detailed information about projects conceived, organized, and completed entirely by student leaders. Each entry offers a detailed description of the project, and many offer photos, links, and other supporting documents as well.

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Academy Councils / Admin Meetings

The administration is always looking for student feedback regarding coursework and teachers for the different classes. To bridge the gap between students and administration, Student Council decided to have academy-s...

American Education Week

Our teachers are greatly appreciated here at our school. Each day of the week (Monday-Friday) is assigned to a different graduating year in council.  The ideas range from class to class. Overall each teacher lo...

Birthday Recognition

The North Penn High School's Student Government Association initiated a new idea this school year of birthday recognition for the staff members as a part of staff appreciation. On the day of a staff member's birthd...

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Tag, You're IT!

In an effort to encourage quality character on our campus, the local Hearne High School chapter of the National Honor Society began a program of "Tag, You're IT!" All high school staff and NHS members were asked to submit nominations for this designation. When a student was observed exhibiting role-... READ MORE

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Puppy Palooza

Puppy Palooza was a dog show/puppy parade where we donated funds to our local animal shelter, the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM). AWSOM was opening a new spay and neutering clinic, so we decided to help them out with this fundraiser. Our main event was the dog show. It included categories ... READ MORE

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Talking Boxes

We felt it was important for the entire student body to have a voice in what would improve school spirit, increase the pride in our school community and make our school a more inviting place for kids to come.  To that end, we started "Talking Boxes" which are suggestions boxes placed in strateg... READ MORE

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Love For All

It is well known that sometimes the elderly in nursing homes do not get the love and affection they want or need. Many family members and friends put their senior members in nursing homes, and pay them no attention or don't appreciate them as much as they should be. I, Malaikah Fidele, am a person w... READ MORE

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Candy Elections

To help Fairbanks NJHS members understand what campaigning is about, we are holding "Candy Elections".  On November 4, 2014, we held a pre-election vote to determine the favorite candy of all time among our student body.  The choices of candies were Smarties, Tootsie Roll, Gummy ... READ MORE

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